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Our Catholic Enquiry Office website; which is for those people who are not members of the Catholic Church but would like to find out more, can be found at:
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The feet of a two year boy in Albania. His family beg to survive.

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Words of Inspiration - February 2005

“So often, it is not Christ that people have rejected; it is usually the Church. You and I know that Christ and his Church are inseparable and that the heart of our life of faith is the Eucharist. We need new ways of reaching people without compromising our ecclesiology. Telefonica shares We do not need radical changes to our basic structures, but we need more flexibility combined with imaginative and creative thinking.”

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor , Speech at the Launch of CASE , April 21, 2004

Bible Verse

‘God wants everyone to be saved and to reach full knowledge of the truth.’

1 Tim. 2:4


Welcome to CASE 

The Catholic Agency to Support Evangelisation


Welcome. This website is designed to encourage and help you evangelise. As Catholics we have a duty to share and spread our faith through word and action. invest in Nvidia shares But how can we do it?

In the pages that follow you'll find a host of practical suggestions, ideas, resources, training, prayer and support, that caters for parishes, schools, communities, groups and individuals.

invest in Adidas shares in India We hope what you're about to read will take the fear out of the word "evangelisation" and will empower YOU to be Jesus' witness of love, truth, justice and peace where you live and work.

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Press Release: CASE Director urges Catholics to get out of the ghetto! (Word document)