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rushing feet: evangelization

“In a society where Christianity seems absent from social life and the faith relegated to the private sphere, access to religious values becomes more difficult, especially for the poor and the young.”
(Pope John Paul II, Address to Pontifical Commission for Culture, March 1997).

“We are suffering from a progressive deforestation of the Christian memory.”
(Cardinal Gottfried Daneels, Address to Westminster clergy, Nov. 2002).


Evangelisation n. from the Greek good news/message, evangelisation is to live, celebrate and share the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Good News that God loves us.

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Why a new evangelisation?

“I sense that the moment has come to commit all the Church’s energies to a new evangelisation.”
(Pope John Paul II, Redemptoris Missio 3)

Why do we need a new evangelisation?

A teacher was telling some children the Christmas story. Afterwards a boy put his hand up and asked, "Miss, why did Mary and Joseph name their child after a swear word?"

That is why we need a new evangelisation.

In the novel Life After God, by Douglas Coupland, a man is driving through Canada surfing radio channels: “And there were Christian radio stations, too, so many many stations, and the voices on them seemed so enthusiastic and committed. They sounded like they sincerely believed in what they were saying,…. talking about Jesus non-stop …. I did not deny that the existence of Jesus was real to these people – it was merely that I was cut off from their experience in a way that was never connectable.”

That is why we need a new evangelisation.

Fr Michael-Paul Gallagher, SJ, says: “When we suffer from malnutrition in our self-images, we become incapable of imagining God. Look at the faces in the streets of any city. Many of them appear stressed, as if fighting to survive in a perpetual battle against time. … What does this do to our souls? What does it do to our spiritual imagination?”

That is why we need a new evangelisation.