God needs you!



Pause for thought:

Which of the Gospels have you most recently read?

Jesus commissioned his disciples to get busy spreading his message throughout the world. (See Matthew 29: 19 - 20). The Holy Spirit empowered them to do this work.

Two thousand years on, you, your parish, school, community and /or group, are called to engage in this same privileged and exciting work. As an agency, CASE is here to help and equip you to do exactly that

Deep Roots

"I must proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God" Luke 4:43

crowds of peopleFor the origins of Catholic evangelisation we look to the person of Jesus Christ. Jesus spent much of his public ministry walking from town to town preaching the Good News. In Luke's Gospel, chapter four, he says simply, "That is what I was sent to do." (Luke 4:44)

For Jesus evangelisation involved:

  1. A proclamation of the kingdom of God. He proclaims the coming of God's kingdom. What the Kingdom is and isn't like is perhaps best summed up in The Beatitudes. (Matthew, chapter 5)
  2. A proclamation of liberating salvation. Jesus was a man with a message of liberation. Through him we can be freed from all that oppresses us.
  3. The offering of something for everyone. The kingdom is open to everyone but requires effort on our part; not least an interior conversion of heart.
  4. Tireless Preaching. He tirelessly proclaimed his message.
  5. Using signs. Miracles were common place in the evangelistic activity of Jesus.
  6. Communities. Those who accept the Good News gather together and reach others through their witnessing.
  7. Being true to one's vocation. Jesus existed and the Church exists to evangelise. That's where our true identity is found.
  8. The Church. The Church can not be separated from evangelisation. Through it, Jesus' mission continues. The Church preserves the Gospel message and the truth of it and sends out evangelisers throughout all the earth.