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"Large things always begin from the small seed".

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, speaking at a Conference during the Jubilee of Catechists, 10th December 2000.

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Pause for thought:

Which of the methods outlined on this page have you used before? Choose one other which you will try to put into practice in your daily life once you log-off this website.

Methods: So how do I do it then?

Make a start:

The biggest challenge we all face is deciding in what ways we can and are able to evangelise. Most of us, whether we spend most of our time in the parish, are at school, at home, at work, or elsewhere, are happy to take on board the theory side of things, but the difficulty comes in trying to put evangelisation into practice. It can at first appear to be a daunting task.

The key is, wherever you are at, resolve to make some kind of start, no matter how small or great the gesture might be. You'll be surprised at the variety of different ways you can share your faith. The Church has given us a carte blanche to be as creative as we can.

Methods of Evangelisation.