God needs you!


"We can count on the same Spirit who was poured out at Pentecost and who impels us still today to start out anew."

Pope John Paul II,para.58, Novo Millennio Ineunte.

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Pause for thought:

Which category or categories do you fall into? How do you feel you might be able to respond to the evangelising mission of the Church?

Personnel: Who are the front-liners?

The simple answer to that is everyone.

Every single member of the Church is called to be engaged in missionary activity. The whole Church has been commissioned to do this work - that's, us here at CASE, you, your family, your parish, school, organisation and so on. There's no get out clause I'm afraid. But don't worry, it's a wonderful thing to get involved with, and it's a real joy when you see someone opening up to God in a new way.

As an agency, CASE is here to help and equip you in your evangelising in every way that we can.

Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool. Patrick Kelly, Archbishop of Liverpool.


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