God needs you!


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Our targets?....


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Pause for thought:

Which target area are you most disposed to reaching out to in your own community?

Excellent ingredients, excellent cake. It's the same for evangelisation but the stakes are much higher.

Our Target Audience

The word 'target' can sound a little aggressive can't it, but what we mean by this is, "Who is our evangelisation activity to be aimed at?" We may well assume it is just for the benefit of non-Catholics. Perhaps we feel it does not apply to people who are members of other faith communities, likewise to those who are proclaimed atheists. However, the Gospels tell us that the message of salvation is for......EVERYONE!

"Go therefore, make disciples of ALL nations."
Matthew 28: 19

As members of Catholic families, parishes, schools, communities, organisations, and as baptised individuals, it is this call that we must increasingly seek to embrace.