God needs you!

Fishing nets

Put out into the deep and pay out your nets for a catch."

(Luke 5:4)

For a summary of the main points of Evangelii Nuntiandi:

Wot's that then?

If most Catholics are honest, "evangelisation" isn't a word that features prominently in their vocabulary. Most of us, were born into the Church, and so have n ever experienced a conversion as did the likes of St.Paul and modern day converts like broadcaster, Malcolm Muggeridge. But evangelisation is a word and a reality that Jesus himself has called each of to make our own. You and I are called to evangelise, and that doesn't necessarily mean standing on a soap box Bible bashing.

heartYou and I are called to so be so on fire with God's love that it becomes impossible for us to keep it to ourselves. There's an inner flame inside each one of us - the Holy Spirit - which is bursting to get busy doing God's work; bringing others into His wonderful light. It's incredibly exciting. You are invited to be a part of this amazing adventure. Put your seatbelts on, we're about to take a ride!

Evangelisation is not:

Evangelisation is:

Evangelisation by definition is: