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Prayer for Evangelisation

Prayer for Evangelisation painting, Artist: Elizabeth Wang. Copyright - Radiant Light 2003As the seed grows silently in the earth,

As the yeast rises in the dough,

May your power, Spirit of God, be at work in us.

Like a city set on a hill,

Like a lamp shining in the darkness,

May we witness together,

Calling our brothers and sisters to the glory of your light

And the peace and justice of your kingdom. AMEN.

Sheltered by His Glory
Colour illustration by Elizabeth Wang. Copyright (c) Radiant Light 2004. All rights reserved. www.radiantlight.org.uk

Artist's interpretation of the painting: We are made full members of the Church through Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist. And as we gather to offer worthy praise to the Father through Christ, in the Spirit, it's as if our weaknesses are blotted out by the glory of Christ, our Priest and sacrifice.