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We must rekindle in ourselves the impetus of the beginnings and allow ourselves to be filled with the ardor of the apostolic preaching which followed Pentecost."
(Novo Millennium I neunte, 40)

To assist you in the task of evangelisation, CASE has begun to create a catalogue of helpful resources. In addition to a life of prayer, there are some concrete materials which you can use as tools in your efforts to reach out to others with the Good News.

Below you can find listed a variety of materials, some created in-house by CASE, others are available through named publishing houses and multi-media outlets.

If there are is resource not listed here that you would like to recommend, please do contact us.

Parish Resources: pdf icon

A downloadable, double-sided sheet that gives an idea of what CASE has available to resource parish communities in the urgent task of evangelisation.

Targeting non-Catholics:

  1. Living Faith by Elizabeth Hughes. This is a useful story centred presentation of the Catholic faith. Published by The Catholic Missionary Society. Year: 2001. Now available through CASE. Price: £5 ISBN: 085597622-5
  2. Catholic Lives by Greg Watts. A testimony based resource. Stories are always a good place to start with enquirers. Available from the CTS. Publishers: Wiley Publishing Inc. Year: 2001. Price: £9.99. ISBN: 9 780852 445402
  3. A Century of Catholic Converts by Lorene Hanley Duquin. An impressive list of conversion stories featuring the likes of BBC Broadcaster, Malcolm Muggeridge, and Presbyterian theologians, Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Available from the CTS. Year: 2003. Publishers: Our Sunday Visitor. Price: £11.99. ISBN: 9781931709019
  4. Catholicism for Dummies by Rev.John Trigilio Jr. and Rev.Kenneth Brighenti.An accessible introduction to the faith. The language is very Americanised but in content it has much to merit an English and Welsh audience . Available from the CTS. Year: 2003. Price £15.50. ISBN: 9 780764 553912
  5. The How-To Book of the Mass by Michael Dubruiel. The Mass can be a very confusing thing for enquirers. This gives a clear explanation of the main Mass parts, but is a little long as a potential resource for a first-timer. Available from the CTS. Year: 2002. Published by Our Sunday Visitor. Price: £9.99. ISBN: 1 - 931709 - 32 - 7
  6. The How-To Book of Catholic Devotions by Aquilina and Flaherty. A short and simple introduction into the devotional life of a Catholic. Available from the CTS. Year: 2000. Published by: Our Sunday Visitor. Price: £9.99. ISBN: 0 - 87973 - 415 - 9
  7. Why do Catholics genuflect? And answers to other puzzling questions about the Catholic Church by Al Kresta. Available from the CTS. Servant Publications. Year: 2001. Price:£7.95. ISBN: 9781569552438.
  8. Christianity: Pure and Simple by Dwight Longnecker. Available from the CTS. Year: 2003. Price: £1.95 per booklet. There are five booklets in the series. Attractive "seed leaflets" accompany the series. ISBN:1- 86082 - 205 - 3          www.cts-online.org.uk/pureandsimple.htm
  9. The Path to RomeModern Journeys to the Catholic Church by Dwight Longnecker. A collection of English conversion stories. Contributors tell why and how they came into the Catholic Church. http://www.dwightlongenecker.com/Content/Pages/Books/ThePathToRome.asp


Catholics and Evangelical Christians

Challenging Catholics – A Catholic-Evangelical Debate by John Martin and Dwight Longnecker.

Challenging Catholics is the book that resulted from the radio debates. This book helps Catholics and Protestants understand each other better, and it provides a good starting point in discussing the Catholic faith with Evangelical Christians. Audiocassettes of our twelve half hour debates are also available. http://www.dwightlongenecker.com/Content/Pages/Books/ChallengingCatholics.asp


For Catholics wanting to know more about evangelisation.

Evangelisation in England and Wales: A report to the Catholic Bishops CoverEvangelisation in England and Wales: A report to the Catholic Bishops Philip Knights and Andrea Murray (Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, London, 2002) Available from CCS, 39 Eccleston Square, LONDON SW1V 1BX for £10 including postage and packing. Cheques made payable to "Catholic Media Trust" please call 020 7901 4800 for more details. Sorry for the outrageous plug but one of our team members was a researcher and co-author!

Michelle Moran Pass it on!: Practical Hints on Sharing your Faith (Darton, Longman and Todd, London, 1994)

Christine Dodd Called to Mission (Geoffrey Chapman London, 1991)

Ralph Martin and Peter Williamson Pope John Paul II and the New Evangelisation: How you can bring the Good News to Others (Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 1995). American, but still has lots of good ideas which can illuminate our English and Welsh contexts.

David J. Bosch Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in the Theology of Mission (Orbis, Maryknoll, 1991) Still the seminal survey of contemporary international and ecumenical missiology.

Robert Schreiter cpps ‘Major Currents of Our Time: What They Mean for Preaching the Gospel' Origins 31 (11)

David L Schindler ‘Reorienting the Church in the Era of the Millennium: John Paul II's "New Evangelization' Communio 24 (Winter 1997) 728-779

Michael Paul Gallagher Clashing Symbols: An Introduction to Faith and Culture (Darton, Longman and Todd, London, 2003)

Key Documents.

From Rome:

Second Vatican Council: Ad Gentes, Guadium et Spes and Lumen Gentium

Paul VI Evangelii Nuntiandi

John Paul II Redemptoris missio, Novo Millennio Ineunte and Ecclesia in Europa

Pontifical Council for Intereligious Dialogue and the Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples Proclamation and Dialogue

Congregation for the Clergy General Directory for Catechesis

(All of the above are available from www.vatican.va )

From England and Wales :

The Common Good

The Sign We give

Crossing the Threshhold

From the US Bishop's Conference : :

Go and Make Disciples: a National Plan and Strategy
for Catholic Evangelization in the
United States

Reference books for Catholics.

This is the faith: A complete explanation of the Catholic faith by Canon Francis Ripley. This is a comprehensive presentation of the faith most suited to Catholics wanting to re-fresh or get to know the nuts and bolts of the faith. Available from St.Paul's Multi-Media. Price: £15. ISBN: 9 780895556424

For young people

Book Review page taken from the latest edition of the Catholic Youth Service magazine, Issue 4, 2004.

Formation in the faith

Adventures in Orthodoxy by Dwight Longnecker

"An unusual cover for an unusual book," is what the publisher said. In the words of the author it is "a Chestertonian romp through the Apostles’ Creed."



Redemptorists Publications have a full catalogue of resources to assist you on your journey of faith. Check out their materials at:

Redemptorist Publications, Aphonsus House, Chawton, Hampshire. GU34 3HQ Tel: 01420 88222 Website: www.ShineOnline.net