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"Their birth and spread has brought to the Church's life an unexpected newness." Rome, 1998.

Pope John Paul II, World Congress of ecclesial movements and new communities, Para. 6. 30th May, 1998, Rome.

"Each movement is different from the others, but they are all united in the same communion and for the same mission."

As above, para. 5

"There is great need for living Christian communities! And here are the movements and the new ecclesial communities; they are the response, given the Holy Spirit, to this critical challenge at the end of the millennium. You are this providential response."

As above, para.7

New Communities and Movements.

During the last thirty years the Church world-wide has seen unprecedented growth in the number of new ecclesial communities and movements. Their existence goes a long way to confirm the fact that we are currently living in a time that can be described as,"a great Springtime for Christianity" ( Redemptoris Missio 86 ). Many individuals and groups are being raised up, inspired by the Holy Spirit, to witness to the Gospel in a new and dynamic way. The hallmark of many of these new initiatives is that the majority are made up of lay people.

As an Agency, we are committed to supporting these groups and individuals in their mission and apostolic zeal. Equally, there is enormous potential for individual diocese and parishes to draw upon them as a resource for the new evangelisation.

What follows is a short inventory detailing those new ecclesial communities and movements currently active in England and Wales. If you are a member of a new community and/or a new movement not listed here please do contact us.

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