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"It is on Jesus' prayer and not on our own strength that we base the hope that even within history we shall be able to reach full and visible communion with all Christians."

(Novo Millennio Ineunte, para.48)

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Whether you are an individual, a group, a parish, school and/or diocesan representatives, the CASE Team is committed to providing you with training to help you evangelise. At this moment in time, the Church is inviting us all to rise to the missionary challenge that is set before us with a renewed ardour. Together let's put out into the deep and cast out our nets for a catch!

CASE is active in training in three ways:


On request, and subject to availability, the CASE Team are happy to run training days in parishes, diocese, seminaries, schools and/or deaneries, covering key areas in Church life; such as education, outreach to non-Catholics, ways of using modern technologies, amongst others.

We hope that in the following portfolio you will find something which relates to your specific situation. If not, please do contact us. We are always happy to look at ways in which we can expand the training we offer.

1. Training provided directly by CASE.

Principles and Practice of Evangelisation

  1. Introduction to Evangelisation.
  2. The New Evangelisation.
  3. Evangelisation initiatives in England and Wales: a practical guide .
  4. Ecclesia in Europa: the application of key themes from the Apostolic Exhortation.
  5. Evangelisation and our relationship with other faiths.
  6. Ecumenism and evangelisation: the possibilities and parameters of working with partners.
  7. Evangelisation and Schools.
  8. ‘Making the Parish the Home and School of Communion’: Collaboration and mission.
  9. Worship and evangelisation.
  10. Evangelisation and the internet.

Faith and Culture

  1. ‘Reaching for my gun’: what is this thing called culture and how should Catholics react.
  2. Catholic Cultural Centres.
  3. The Civilisation of love: Catholic teaching on life, social questions and the evangelisation of cultures.
  4. ‘Mirror Mirror’: Contemporary attitudes to faith seen through the parallel universes of Star Trek .
  5. Film and Faith.
  6. Youth culture today.
  7. Environmental questions and Christian Stewardship of Creation.
  8. Category separation, conflict or collaboration? Mapping the relationships between science and faith.
  9. The Church as a multi-cultural reality.

2. Training in which CASE is a partner These are mainly longer courses or forums to which CASE has either provided input, design or a CASE member has been teaching/participating.

  1. Allen Hall Seminary course on Evangelisation
  2. Benedictine Study and Arts Centre: Certificate in Evangelisation’.
  3. Maryvale.
  4. Building Bridges of Hope Future Church Conference.
  5. St Patrick’s Soho, ‘School of Evangelisation’.
  6. Youth 2000.
  7. Sion Community Summer School.
  8. Association of Co-ordinators of Catholic Schools of Evangelisation.

3. Examples of Training with whom CASE is in contact and to whom CASE would refer enquirers

  1. Sion Community ‘Pass it on’.
  2. Pilgrims Community ‘School of Evangelisation’.
  3. Catholic Alpha.
  4. CaFE.
  5. Heythrop MA in Evangelisation and Catechesis.
  6. Margaret Beaufort Institute.
  7. Landings.
  8. Essence.
  9. Renew International.
  10. G L Chesterton Centre for Faith and Culture Summer Conference.

For more information write to: Training, CASE, 114 West Heath Road, London. NW3 7TX. Tel: 0208 458 3316.

Email: training@caseresources.co.uk


The Maryvale Institute, Birmingham, offers a wide range of courses; from Parish Catechists training to facilitating PhD courses. Why not check out their latest course which is launched in October 2004 - Certificate and Diploma Course in Evangelisation and Ministry. www.maryvale.ac.uk