God needs you!

You have so much to offer and the Lord wants you to use those gifts. He has a special plan for you and your Catholic community!



What can I do?

"For if I preach the Gospel, that gives me no ground for boasting. For necessity is laid upon me." (1 Corinthians 9:16)

Welcome to the 'What Can I Do?" page. The fact that you are here shows that you have taken a very crucial step. You are here because you have made a decision to respond to Jesus' invitation to share your faith.

In St. Paul's first letter to the Corinthians, in chapter 12, he talks about the variety of spiritual gifts there are amongst believers. There are also a variety of ways in which you and your community; be it a Catholic parish, school and/or organisation, can be missionaries where you live and work. No big gestures are demanded of you. Most evangelisation is done in a variety of discreet ways.

In this section you will find some practical ways in which you can begin to get involved in the Church's evangelising mission. Please read on.

CASE: Enthusing, Engaging, Equipping