God needs you!

This page is dedicated to inviting you in a special way to become a CASE Associate.

May the Case Associate

CASE Associate

Become an associate

What does it entail:

  1. Prayer: reciting daily the prayer for England and for Wales found in the Prayer Section of this website.
  2. Distribution: helping to distribute our publicity materials in public places, i.e. churches, the library and tourist information offices.
  3. Finances: where possible, contributing a small annual amount to support our work.

What can we offer you:

  1. Masses: Mass offerings and prayers for your intentions.
  2. Support: for any initiatives you might want to organise locally from coffee mornings to giving out contact cards.
  3. Resources: like free subscription to our quarterly newsletter and a national network of contacts.

A lot of small gestures can help to bring about huge changes. If you'd like to become an associate please do contact us. Whatever your age or background, we need you.

I would like to become a CASE Associate.




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