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Could you make a commitment to pray for a missionary in England and Wales?

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Please consider becoming a prayer partner

This website already contains a dedicated section on prayer. Just in case, we haven't stressed the point enough, prayer really is the bricks and mortar of our Christian life.

A little story....

An old monk living in the desert once described prayer as the very breath of life itself and proceeded to illustrate this fact to a young novice by thrusting the novices head underwater. After what seemed like minutes the old monk pulled the novice out of the water as he was close to drowning. As he was raised out of the water the novice gasped frantically for air. Whilst the novice recovered his composure, the old monk told him that this is what prayer should be like for each one of us - that gasp of air, the means to life itself.

Prayer Partner Scheme.

We have launched a Prayer Partner Scheme to provide invaluable spiritual support to those working on the front line in this country - be they a priest, sister, single person or a family.

Would you be willing to pray for their intentions on a daily basis?

Short prayer requests are emailed or posted from them directly to you. Twice a year you will receive a letter from your prayer partner sharing news about their life and work. So as to protect your privacy, involvement in the scheme is anonymous, unless otherwise agreed by you and the Director of CASE.

I would like to become a CASE Prayer Partner.




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